Category: Year 5

Australia Project

30th March 2023

The children of Year 5 are often at their best in Humanities lessons, devouring new information and asking questions with impressive speed! It was one of these questions which prompted…

Maths Progress – Fractions

30th March 2023

Spring term is one in which Year 5 children often make significant progress, with this term proving no exception. The Year 5 cohort have all applied themselves tremendously, tackling new…

Persuasive Letters

15th December 2022

In our English lessons during the latter half of this term, we have been learning how to write fantastically persuasive letters. We learned what makes something persuasive and even tried…

Mapping Skills

15th December 2022

During our Geography lessons this term, we wanted to learn more about our local community. We greatly enjoyed talking about all of our favourite places in Marple and the surrounding…

Brabyns Preparatory School & Nursery Discovery Morning

The next Brabyns Prep School & Nursery Discovery Morning takes place on Saturday 2 March 2024 between 10 am and 12 pm.

Come and see what makes Brabyns such a special place!