Reception at Brabyns Preparatory School offers a smooth transfer to more formal learning while allowing children time to play, explore and be challenged in a nurturing and stimulating environment. Our strong adult-to-child ratios and highly experienced and dedicated staff ensure that each child is given individual time and attention so that they can achieve their maximum potential.

Our Reception truly is a magical and special place to be. Why not book a visit so that we can share with you all the amazing opportunities that are available for your child?

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Transition to Year 1

From the beginning of their Reception year the children become part of the main school by accessing the main school playground and having their lunch in the main school hall. They are involved in whole school house events, have allocated Year 5 buddies and get involved in additional PE activities, including swimming.

During the summer term, the children in Reception begin their transition into Year 1. The children have regular familiarisation sessions with the Year 1 teacher, initially in the Reception classroom and then in the Year 1 classroom where they can explore and have their many questions answered.

Talking about readiness for Year 1 is important in the summer term. The children learn to sit at tables to write, they practise writing longer pieces with more independence and develop their listening skills ready for a slightly more formal curriculum in Year 1.