Fee Structure

Fees per term for Academic Year 2023/24 are as follows:

Class Fee per term
Nursery – Full Time £3157
Reception £3103
Years 1-4 £3103
Years 5-6 £3264


Wraparound Care

Pre-School (Early Birds 7:30am-8:40am)

£6 per session or £182 per term

After-School (Stay & Play 3:30pm-6pm)

Rate 1 – end of School leaving before 4:30pm ~ £7 per session or £353 per term
Rate 2 – end of School leaving any time between 4:30pm & 5:30pm ~ £13 per session or £353 per term
Rate 3 – end of School leaving any time between 5:30pm & 6pm ~ £16 per session or £353 per term


Lunch Fees – per term £240


There is an additional charge for educational trips.

Nursery Fees

Little Learners –  We recommend that children attend 2.5 days per week and build up their sessions towards full time placement in Pre Prep. Children age 2 may qualify for the new 15 hours childcare.  Children age 3 may qualify for 30 hours childcare. Attendance criteria applies.  Please ask for more details.

When children move to Pre Prep (3/4 year olds) they automatically have a full-time place. Children do not need to attend full-time but are charged for this.

Pre Prep– The full time Nursery fee allows you to send your child for as many of the ten sessions in the week as you would like. A place is always reserved for your child. We ask parents to let us know if there is a session (or sessions) in a week that they definitely will not regularly require, but should you need this session at a later date in the year you will still be free to use it.

*NEW 2 Year Old 15 Hour Funding – April 24

From the term following your child’s 2nd birthday, the Government may provide 15 hours Free Entitlement. Criteria mirrors the 30 Hours childcare agreement. To check your eligibility and apply online visit: www.childcarechoices.gov.uk.

**EY Funding (15 Hours Free Entitlement)

Currently, from the term following your child’s 3rd birthday, the Government provides 15 hours Free Entitlement for all 3 and 4 year olds for 38 weeks per year only. This is automatically taken off the fees. Currently this provides a saving of up to £750 per term. Fees will be charged for weeks over and above 38 weeks for all sessions at our current rates and terms.

***30 Hours Free Childcare

We offer 30 hours the free childcare scheme for 3 and 4 years olds for 38 weeks per year only. To qualify for the scheme, children must be registered to attend School on full time basis. Parents must be working and each earning at least £120 a week (on average) and not more than £100,000 each a year. To check your eligibility and apply online visit: www.childcarechoices.gov.uk. Parents who are not eligible for the new scheme will still receive the current 15 hours Free Entitlement.

Year 5 & 6 Fees

The additional charge for Years 5 and 6 reflects the extra teaching and additional academic focus we are able to offer in these classes. This is to further ensure individual attention and support for every child and in preparation for Senior School and including the Independent Schools Exams.

The Year 6 children will receive their extra support from September until the end of the exams.

The Year 5 children will receive the support from the start of ‘Spring 2’ half-term until the end of the academic year. The excellent exam results we have had since we introduced this structure certainly indicate the success of this additional support.


Payment is due on or before the first day of each term, unless you have opted in to the monthly payment plan offered by Bellevue.

As an option for our parents, we offer interest free monthly payments. To simplify the payment process, we have decided to provide our monthly payment option for the first three months of each term, meaning that fees for each term should be paid in three equal instalments during the first three months of each term.

If you are not able to pay your fees on time please contact Ms Wong (Business Manager) so we can assist you. If this isn’t adhered to the following applies: A 15% charge will be added to any fees not paid within 7 days of the due date. If fees aren’t paid within 21 days of the due date the matter may be passed to the small claims court and your child will not be allowed to attend School until it is settled.

We accept vouchers towards Nursery fees, Wraparound fees, Activities and Clubs only.

Additional information

  • Each younger sibling receives a 10% discount on their fees.
  • All fees are due and payable on or before the first day of the term.
  • Parents may opt to pay by monthly Direct Debit. Please contact finance for details.
  • We accept Childcare Vouchers – please contact us for further details.