Aims & Vision

A unique learning environment

At Brabyns Preparatory School & Nursery, we are committed to providing each and every pupil with a stimulating and supportive learning environment which celebrates their unique character and capabilities, allows them to be themselves and enables them to achieve to the best of their ability.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an exceptional educational establishment which stands out in the local community – a school and nursery where all children do their best and succeed, in an environment which fosters a deep love of learning through a wide and engaging curriculum.

How do we achieve this?

We have a holistic approach which through our main three aims inspires every child to reach their potential and to actively engage in all areas of school life:

We aim to nurture our children through a warm, safe, family atmosphere. We aim to provide outstanding pastoral care, enable confidence, celebrate every child’s strengths and recognise their differences, foster independence and self-discipline, behave responsibly and ensure the children have mutual respect and spiritual and moral awareness. We encourage cooperative learning and interpersonal relationships so children thrive as happy individuals who are well prepared independent learners.

We aim to engage our children by using every learning opportunity possible. We do this through stimulating teaching, an extensive curriculum and extra-curricular activities in a wide-range of social, academic, physical and aesthetic areas, including within the local community, inspiring every child to explore, question and develop skills for life.

We aim to enable every child to achieve their best, be excellent global citizens, knowing the difference between right and wrong. Every child is encouraged to strive for excellence and be proud of themselves in all they do, by developing their own strengths and unique talents, having a respect and enjoyment of learning, giving them the confidence to take on new challenges.

Reception Places available for September 2024