Mapping Skills

Posted: 15th December 2022

During our Geography lessons this term, we wanted to learn more about our local community. We greatly enjoyed talking about all of our favourite places in Marple and the surrounding areas, but when we thought about how we would direct an alien there, we ran into a problem. How do you know how to get from one place to another? After a heated discussion we realised that we would have to create a map!

The pupils spent a good deal of time crafting our maps and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our ‘alien’ visitors.

Despite looking suspiciously similar to our classmates, we tried to lead our aliens around the school site using our maps and giving them detailed instructions. As well as enjoying this activity, we also understood the importance of maps and their role in directing us around our ever shrinking world. When we looked at maps of far flung corners of the world afterwards, we were able to transfer these skills, with some of our keenest Geographers pointing out opportunities to use these skills in other areas of the curriculum. If it be rural hills or bustling city centres, our Year 5 pupils will be able to navigate their way around with ease!

Categories: Year 5
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