Persuasive Letters

Posted: 15th December 2022

In our English lessons during the latter half of this term, we have been learning how to write fantastically persuasive letters. We learned what makes something persuasive and even tried some of these techniques out on each other in class!

When it came to writing our own letters, we wanted to make sure that we wrote about something that mattered to us and was an issue that might have previously been neglected. However, when we found out that some of the major sportswear brands had been taking advantage of workers in Asia, our minds were made up. We quickly set to work, writing to some of our favourite sports stars, imploring them to no longer accept sponsorships from these companies or at the very least, help us to raise awareness of the issues. We made sure to use a range of techniques such as: rhetorical questions, modal verbs and various calls to action to try to make our writing as powerful and as purposeful as possible. As of writing, we are still yet to hear back from our sports stars but we hope that by writing some wonderful letters, we may have helped to change their minds on the type of sponsorships that they accept in the future.

Categories: Year 5
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