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British Science Week

All classes took part in some extra lessons with our Science Specialist, Mrs Neill, as part of British Science Week. The nationwide theme was exploration and discovery and we certainly discovered lots about several areas of Science.

Children in Nursery and Reception were set a challenge to make a balloon rocket, work out how to free some dinosaurs that were frozen in ice, mix colours and do some simple chemical reactions with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.

Year 1 and 2 were learning about different ways to move our bodies to stay healthy and they created a spinner game where they had to move like different animals and guess which animals their friends were pretending to be.

Year 3 and 4 had a very exciting week. They made different chemical reactions before moving on to find out more about the digestive system. We linked their science investigation with their recent historical topic on the Vikings. Their first job was to pretend to be archaeologists and dissect a (playdough) stool which had some food hidden inside. After identifying the food (peas, cherry stones, bread grains, and plum stones) they cross referenced their list with descriptions of food eaten in several time periods to work out that it was from the Viking era. They were keen to find out more about how food is digested and the next lesson we made a simulation of food going through the body, which was fascinating and disgusting in equal measure. A lesson that won’t be forgotten in a hurry!

Year 5 and 6 designed and carried out a practical investigation into forces and friction. They brought different transport items in from home such as hover-boards, scooters, roller skates, Heelys and skateboards. They travelled along different surfaces to see if there was a difference in the speed travelled. There was lots of discussion about which factors we would keep the same to ensure these were fair tests. They then finished the week by designing their own inventions to make their lives easier. There were some wonderfully inventive ideas.

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