Primary School Offer Day – Reception Class September 24

Posted: 12th April 2024

Primary School offers – Reception Class September 24


If you are unable to secure a place at a state-funded school that meets your child’s needs, you may want to consider an independent school. 

Independent schools are not governed by the local authority and have more flexibility in their admissions policies. 

Independent schools can offer your child a customised learning experience based on their individual needs to ensure they are happy, thrive and achieve the best of their ability. Children benefit from smaller sizes and more attention from specialist teachers. Compared to state schools, there is more emphasis placed upon character development which can be nurtured through a wider range of extra-curricular activities. 


Steps if you are considering an independent school:

  1. Research schools to get a sense of what they have to  offer and if your child will be happy and thrive there. Look at:


  1. Consider the cost – You may not have planned for the financial cost of an independent school, but it can be more affordable than you may think. Different independent schools have different price points, so it is important to check and compare fees (link to fees page) as well as bursary options. At Brabyns we offer an interest-free monthly payment scheme, which can allow for easier budgeting and help make payments more manageable for you. The fees for each term are split into three equal instalments and paid during the first three months of the term. 


  1. Visit the school – There is no better way to get a sense of a school than to see it in person and assess if it is the right place for your child. View the facilities, assess the atmosphere and meet some of the teachers and pupils. At Brabyns, we offer personalised tours at a time which is most convenient for you, so you don’t have to wait until the next open day.


Talk to Brabyns Preparatory School today

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Peak District in the small town of Marple in Stockport, Brabyns Preparatory School is a co-educational independent day school and nursery for children aged two to eleven years.

At Brabyns each child is valued as an individual and encouraged to achieve to the best of their ability.

Our unique surroundings and warm family ethos provide a peaceful and nurturing environment for the positive development and growth of all children at the school. Children are engaged with learning and given the support, encouragement and freedom they need to develop through exploring new opportunities.

We acknowledge and appreciate each child’s individual strengths and characteristics. They are instilled with confidence in our happy, caring environment whilst developing excellent life values and skills. This sits alongside their educational development to ensure every child is inspired to reach their potential.


Reception Places – September 2024

Reception at Brabyns Preparatory School is a magical and special place to be; offering a smooth transfer to more formal learning while allowing children time to play, explore and be challenged in a nurturing and stimulating environment.

Book a visit to find out more about life in Reception. Meet Mrs Carrasco, Miss Hobson and our Early Years team and discover how Brabyns’ indoor and outdoor environments and incredible opportunities inspire, stimulate, motivate and challenge our children.

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