Year 2 LOVE Reading

Posted: 15th December 2022

Throughout the Autumn term, there has been a big focus on reading for pleasure in Year 2. As Roald Dahl stated in Matilda, books can transport you to new worlds and introduce you to amazing people who have lived exciting lives.

With this in mind, the children have participated in a range of activities. For example, we have been counting the books we have read collectively as a class which is a whopping 57 so far! We must not forget Grace, our class reading buddy. Each child in the class has the opportunity to take the bear home to find peculiar and wonderful places to read. They can then document their journey in the class scrapbook.

Research shows that children who find enjoyment in reading benefit not just from reading attainment but demonstrate a better understanding of grammar and maintain a wider range of vocabulary as well as demonstrating greater creativity and empathy.

Year 2 have shown some great progress in this area. Whilst following Jane Considine’s writing unit (Little Red Reading Hood), the children’s love and value for books has grown but the level of their vocabulary has dramatically progressed. We have witnessed words like cherished, salivated, intrigued and even inconspicuous written within their own independent writing. A further attribute to Year 2’s hard work is the level of grammar that they are currently implementing within their work including dialogue, similes and even pathetic fallacy to show a change in mood – what an achievement!

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