Star in a Jar!

Posted: 15th December 2022

Our English topic this term has been focusing on the narrative of ‘The Star in the Jar’. Using the Jane Considine unit plans alongside our work, the class have re-written the story of ‘The Star in the Jar’ in their own words. They have shown creativity, commitment and determination in their learning to produce some fantastic stories.

A particular highlight has been the starry night projector within the classroom, which helped us to begin our story of ‘The Star in the Jar’, as well as helping us to sponsor our class star, ‘Highlight Three’. This helped us to discuss the importance of stars, what they are for, and why they are needed.

The story of the ‘Star in the Jar’ supports children in developing their creative writing skills, as well as helping children to understand how to write a narrative. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the story which has really helped them to think outside of the box and produce some outstanding work, which I have enjoyed being a part of!

The Jane Considine unit plans were implemented in September, and despite only being at school for 3 months, the impact it has had on the children’s writing has been extremely positive. Their ability to write creatively and the work they are producing makes me very proud. Their eagerness and willingness to learn is a testament to each and every one of them. We are all looking forward to the next term where we will be focusing on another narrative called ‘Wolves in the walls’. I am already looking forward to seeing the children showcase their hard work and continue to show great progress in their learning!

Categories: Year 3
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