Specialist Science Teaching in EYFS

Posted: 15th December 2022

At Brabyns, we have introduced specialised Science teaching into EYFS. The following are a few of the highlights of the term:-


During the first half term the children investigated their different senses using blindfolds and also looked at family trees. At Halloween, the children enjoyed observing a pumpkin volcano erupting. They have also planted bulbs, investigated different rocks, light and magnets.


Reception, have spent a lot of time updating their garden by making a Bug Hotel, a Hedgehog House and bird feeders. They have also planted bulbs and observed them growing by drawing a diary. After Halloween, the children decided that they wanted to plant some pumpkin seeds and so they are now seedlings in the classroom.

During their Polar Regions topic they were amazed to see a thermometer travel up and down the scale and were intrigued during the blubber experiment with lard. Another highlight was investigating light underneath the tables!! Plus wearing spy glasses so they could see behind them!

I am really looking forward to a packed Spring term with the whole school.

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