Glorious Greeks!

Posted: 15th December 2022

History this term focused on Ancient Greece in Year 4. Following the Primary Knowledge Curriculum the children learned about City States, Athens and Democracy, Sparta, The Persian Wars, Alexander the Great, Greek Philosophy, Greek Gods as well as The Ancient Olympic Games. All the lessons focused on building historical knowledge to further develop their understanding of Ancient Greece.

One of the key highlights of the term was a workshop based on the Greeks, where the children were immersed in the subject for the day, with games, drama and songs to name just a few activities!

The biggest well done to the children has to come at the end of the unit where they performed a wonderful assembly to the rest of the school, showcasing their learning and knowledge in this challenging subject. A huge well done Year 4, I am sure you will tackle our new topic ‘The Romans’ with just the same amount of enthusiasm and commitment to making progress in your learnin

Categories: Year 4
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