Posted: 15th December 2022

The first year of formal schooling is a big step for young children, where they really begin to build their own personalities and self-confidence. At Brabyns, we pride ourselves on providing a caring and nurturing environment in which the children in the Reception class can flourish. Our buddy system is one example of how the school supports its youngest pupils by providing them with an older friend to look out for them at break times, and support them in assemblies and House events. This year, as always, the children have created strong bonds with each other and this contributes to a wonderful sense of community.

Spending time learning the routines of the Reception classroom builds reassurance and continuity for the children. This then allows them to feel comfortable taking measured risks, challenging themselves with difficult tasks, and learning new skills. Our weekly Forest School sessions are the ideal opportunity for the children to engage in activities that they may not otherwise encounter such as kneeling before a real fire to toast a marshmallow or sliding down a steep leaf-covered hillside. Each time the children are successful in these new endeavours, their belief in themselves grows.

It is clear that the children have grown so much in confidence over the course of this term. They have their own interests that they pursue, they speak confidently in front of each other and with members of staff across the school, they are not afraid to try new things or challenge themselves, and they smile a lot!

Categories: Nursery
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