Brabyns Nursery & The importance of Early Years Education

Posted: 10th November 2022

The first three years of a child’s life are one of rapid development and growth, with a child’s brain creating complex neural pathways at an unprecedented speed. By the time the child is six, the brain has already developed to 90% of its adult size, as children continue to absorb a staggering amount of information from their day to day lives and the environments they experience.

At Brabyns Nursery we understand that this is a crucial area of a child’s early education, which impacts their ability to socialise, rationalise and control emotions. We place great emphasis on developing the children’s communication and language skills through many initiatives. Our bespoke curriculum places literature at the heart of everything that we do. The language and meaning of words learnt through our sessions, alongside our rhyme time and speech groups, immensely impacts a child’s confidence and their attainment. We provide the children with a range of opportunities to develop their confidence and social skills, from interacting with regular guest speakers to providing opportunities for the children to perform in front of audiences.

Research shows that engaging in gross motor-related activities promotes brain development, improves attention span, and impacts well-being. Here at Brabyns Nursery, we are very fortunate to have regular Physical Education lessons led by our specialist teacher. In addition to this, our carefully planned out ‘Nursery Zones’, resources, and infrastructure promotes motor development through various activities. We place great emphasis on developing the children’s motor skills through specialised lessons, including “Squiggle Whilst You Wriggle” which uses dance and large gross motor movements to help children develop the fine motor muscle control that they need for writing.

All of our Nursery children enjoy Maths, Literacy, and Phonics sessions, enhanced by a stimulating and engaging curriculum including music, Spanish, science, gardening, baking, art, and forest school activities. This rich and diverse approach to learning, combined with a highly experienced and dedicated staff team and Brabyns’ extensive onsite outdoor environment for the children to explore, learn, and be challenged in, are just a few of the reasons why Brabyns Nursery is such a magical place.

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