Brabyns Success at Bellevue National Poetry Day Competition 2022

Posted: 28th October 2022

Brabyns Success at Bellevue National Poetry Day Competition 2022

Brabyns Preparatory School is part of Bellevue Education – an international organisation founded seventeen years ago with a vision to educate to the highest standards, and an absolute commitment to a ‘whole’ education that encourages a curiosity and love of learning.

To celebrate National Poetry Day on Thursday 6th October, Bellevue held a group-wide poetry competition, which aligned with this year’s important theme of The Environment. The judging team received over 400 entries to the competition, in addition to 50 group entries, meaning over 500 of our pupils participated from our 19 UK schools. Entries included performance, animation, art, sculpture and written responses of both original and existing poems.

The judging was carried out by a Bellevue team of English and Drama Leads with two of Brabyns’ aspiring poets achieving success in their category.

Ethan Jai MIstry (Year 1) won the Key Stage 1 group with his performance of his poem ‘Save Our Planet’ and Annabel Foakes (Year 2) came a close runner up with her written work; ‘The Environment’

The School is extremely proud to have not one, but two winners from Brabyns. Ethan and Annabel are wonderful pupils who fully deserve recognition for their poetic talents and their love of our environment. We hope, as a result, this will increase their desire to pursue other writing projects in the future. Poetry plays such a great part in a child’s education. It teaches pupils to open their eyes to the beauty of words, to experiment with sentence structure and realise the magic of languages.

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