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Years 3 and 4 Specialist Science

Autumn Term 2018

Health and Nutrition

I started teaching this topic by looking at a balanced diet and learning all the food groups and what their functions are in the body. I also taught the children how to draw bar charts of their favourite healthy foods and write their own conclusions.

As part of the health side of the topic, we investigated ‘which exercise will make the pulse rate the highest?’ Here I modelled how to find the pulse and the children thought of different exercises to raise the pulse rate. They took their own pulse and were amazed at the difference when we exercise and how high it went!

Teeth and Digestion

I started this topic by giving the children a blank body sheet and asking them to draw their digestive system. This was quite eye opening!

Next I gave them the digestive system and we learned all the names of the parts and discussed their functions. To make it a bit more realistic I modelled how the digestive system would digest a slice of bread using a castanet, cardboard tubes, plastic zippy bags, a balloon, bowls and a pair of tights. There were a lot of ‘errr’ comments in that lesson!

During the teeth side of the topic, the children needed to learn the types of teeth and their functions. I made this a little more fun by making it in to a quiz. In addition, they also compared different types of teeth from various animals e.g. a carnivore, a herbivore and an omnivore.

After that, I managed to incorporate an investigation into different types of drinks and their effect on teeth. For this, we used boiled eggs, as apparently the shells have a similar composition to that of our teeth. The children had to predict which drink would affect the egg shell/teeth the most after a certain time. They had to think about how to make the test fair and which variables they needed to keep the same.

Both the children and I were amazed what happened to the eggs/teeth after just a few days in the liquid drinks. To finish off this topic, we discussed food chains. The children learned very quickly and were soon drawing their own food chains for different habitats.

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