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Year 6 Specialist Science

Autumn Term 2018

Classification of plants and animals

Within this topic, I asked the children to set up a habitat study within the school grounds. They observed their chosen mini habitat and photographed, plus sketched, any mini-beasts and plants that were present.

I then taught them how to use the internet to classify what they found using the Karl Linnaeus system for classification. Also within this topic they studied micro-organisms. They planned their own fair test investigation to find out which conditions were the best to grow mould on bread.

In addition, they created their own unique microorganism out of playdough and classified it finding a new genus and species.

I have planned for the children to revisit their habitat at different times of the year so they can observe what happens to the habitat during the different seasons.

Evolution, Adaptation and Inheritance

In this topic, the children learned all about inheritance and DNA. In particular, they looked at different traits they may have inherited from their parents.

I also introduced them to different Scientists involved with Evolution and Natural Selection theories, in particular Sir Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace. Part of the topic also involved looking at ways animals and plants adapt to their environment.

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