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Year 6 Pupils Nurture Brabyns Youngest Children

Part of moving up the School to our eldest year group, Year 6, is the responsibility to ‘Nurture’ others lower down the School. As the pupils at the top of the school, we always encourage the Year 6 children to help nurture those in the years below them.

This comes very naturally to our pupils and one of the areas in which Year 6 are nurturing some of our very youngest pupils, is through supporting the Reception children by reading ‘end of day’ stories to them.

End of day story books are chosen by the Year 6 and Reception children together. They find a comfy place to sit and, without assistance from the teachers, the children are off into a world of excitement, adventure and imaginary creatures. The Reception children love having the older children spending time with them and it gives them time to wind down at the end of yet another busy day of learning.

Additionally, our Nursery Prefects play a large role in nurturing more of our very youngest pupils in School. The prefects choose to give up some of their break times to help in Nursery. They read and play with the children, sit with them whilst they have their snack and sometimes help with specific activities.

See some photos of our Year 6 pupils helping in Nursery and Reception here.

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