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Year 6 - Poetry and Classroom banner

Thank you and well done for our new virtual classroom banner which has been created by ES of Year 6 to go on the top of our virtual classroom.

Magic Box poem: created collaboratively, with the whole class, on their virtual classroom. All present contributed a line to the poem. The theme was messages, moods, atmosphere and imagery.


I will put in the box

A grind of crystal salt from centuries ago,

The raging plasma of a golden star,

The first leg lift of a powder pink flamingo.

I will put in the box

The touch of a tear, falling from a baby’s eye,

Droplets of rain from the Amazon rainforest,

The iridescent sun glittering on the deep blue sea.

I will put into the box

A snowman wishing not to melt,

Happy memories drifting in your mind,

The intense howl of a midnight wolf

I will put into the box

The short neck of a tall giraffe,

The glowing sparks of a rainbow,

A blunt four sided star.

My box is fashioned from emeralds and diamonds and sapphires,

with feathers on the lid and silence in the corners.

Its hinges are the sharp claws of a cat.

I shall drift in my box.

on a mystical ocean,

then land on a stony shore

the colour of an enchanted egg.

Created by Year 6 January 2021

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