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Year 6 - House ‘Catch Up’ meetings

Year 6 have had House Catch Up Meetings to discuss how they feel about being back in school and if there is anything they would like any extra support with in class.

Here is a snapshot of some of their individual comments:


“I am enjoying ‘normal’ lunches now I am back at school!”

“I’ve missed my friends and lunches but I’ve not missed homework!”

“Please may I have some more ‘free writing’ activities.”


“I feel happy, healthy, energetic and alive now I am back.”

“I am not stuck in my room. The different space is better for me.”

“I need some extra help with my comprehension.”


“It’s easier to work at school because there aren’t any random noises, like the dog barking!”

“I am definitely getting more out of being back in school.”

“I feel better as I am not looking at a screen all the time.”

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