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Year 6 Discover World War Two

Year 6 are studying the topic of World War II in their History lessons. Just before the half term holidays the children were set a challenge; to find out about what it was like to live in the time of World War II. One of the children said that she knew a lot about the war already because her grandmother had told her. So we arranged for her grandmother to visit the school to enable the children to learn first hand what it was like to be a child during the war.

There was much excitement in Year 6 as they compiled questions for their visitor. As an ex-teacher, our visitor was used to teaching classes of children and soon answered question after question. The children were so engaged and knew that the information was useful to achieve their challenge. Her stories were both interesting and funny in parts, however they also made the children realise how lucky they are living in this era and not during WW2. After the visit the children wrote about what they had found out as part of their challenge.

In the following lesson the children looked at more primary sources from WW2. Their task was to look at artefacts from WW2 and decide what evidence they tell us about that particular era in History. For example they looked at a gas mask and answered questions about what evidence it gave them about the war.

The purpose of these types of activities are to help the children develop an idea of what it was really like to live in another period of History. The whole experience helped them to achieve their challenge of finding out about living in the time of World War II.

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By Mrs McNeeney

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