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Juniors Dazzle on Stage in 'Rock Bottom' Performance

Thank you to everyone who came to watch the school show at the Art Theatre a few weeks ago. The children worked so hard, and of course the staff pulled together to really make a special little production.

It doesn’t feel like long ago that we were casting the Year 6 children for the roles in Rock Bottom. In the lead up, it seemed like a difficult thing to do, but with the help of other staff members on the audition panel, it really wasn’t. It was quite something to witness that every single child in Year 6 had made the effort to learn some extracts of the show to audition with. They had made the effort and were clearly looking forward to it, as all the Year 6 children before them had done.

Whilst nerve racking, the process is very character building, not just in terms of the audition in front classmates, but the possibility of them getting cast as a character they didn’t expect, or not getting the role they very much wanted. Many children won’t ever do auditions until they are Year 6 and do their show, and may not have had to face not getting cast as what they thought or wanted.

Rehearsals for the show were constant, and the chorus worked so hard on their dance routines too. It is constant, and repetitive, and therefore can be tiring. It was so encouraging to see how the children coped with this. Learning to get on and off the stage at the correct times was very challenging for fifty children, but they did it. They rose to the challenge and took responsibility for what they were doing. Many of them were independent, and leaders. Leaders who were always willing to assist others.

At the time of the performances, I was truly impressed with the way the Year 6 children had stepped up, learnt their lines, and organised themselves. They had to remember so much alongside their lines, and they totally did. One of the best parts of performance is hearing people afterwards saying ‘I never would have thought he could have done that like he did’, or ‘She’s so quiet at home yet on the stage she’s completely different’. This is precisely why doing shows, and everything that goes with it, is so healthy for our young people. They learn how to sing, dance, coordinate themselves, work in teams, lead others, act and express themselves. They also learn to sit through rehearsals and be patient and tolerant.

The nurture of our young people in this way is so special; like I said earlier, everything they have to do for a production like this truly builds character.

Watch a short film of the production below and see some photos of 'Rock Bottom' in our photo gallery.

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