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Year 5 Share Their Top Tips for Mental Health

During lockdown we have been checking in with the children, using our Zones of Regulation colours to define how we are feeling. Year 5 have been extremely positive and their attitude to continuing their education is superb, despite the difficult circumstances. The photo shows the children finding something green to represent the optimal ‘green zone.’

The children have been talking about the best and worst things that have happened during the week, and have been so supportive of one another. It really does show the nurturing qualities of our Brabyns children and we are very proud of them.

Year 5 have some ‘top tips’ for their friends if they are feeling a bit low. Lockdowns have taught us so many more communication skills, and we have found the Class Stream and the ‘Chat’ function on our Google Meets can help children to find their preferred means of communicating their thoughts and ideas. We shared our top tips on the Class Stream during the ‘dress to express’ day. Here they are. You can also see how the children express themselves by looking at their chosen personalised pictures.




Watch movies with your family and eat what you like.


Tell someone about it because when you talk about it it will help.


Always tell someone if you want to.


Take it one day at a time and remember to stay positive.




Tell an adult - they can help you feel better.


Talk to someone you know and they will try to make you feel happy.


Tell them that it’s all going to be over soon.


Hug them.


It's also great to go outside because it will take your mind off it.


I think if they have a pet they should play with them. If not they could talk to somebody to get it out.


Talk to someone you trust.


...and you can talk to them

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