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Year 5 and 6 End of Term

Year 5

We are incredibly grateful to Marple Sports Club for enabling us to bring all the children back to school after so many weeks apart.  Year 5 have enjoyed having the space to learn and play, and more importantly to collaborate easily with their peers.  The children have been developing their problem-solving skills in Maths. Children need to work in pairs and groups and use their mathematical reasoning language to help them develop their skills - something that is not as easy to organise online as it is in person.  

So thank you, Marple Sports Club, for helping us to solve our problem, so that the children can solve theirs!

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Year 6

Rainbow Hands

Year 6 wave goodbye with their rainbow themed hands.  These hands will be made into a lasting display so we can always remember the wonderful Class of 2020.

Vision Boards

Year 6 created Vision Boards: looking ahead as to the feelings they wish to experience and what  they want to do as they move onto senior school and beyond.  They will be encouraged to keep these safe and revisit them to see if their visions come true.

Year 3 and 4 End of Term

Years 3 - 6

9th July 2020

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Year 1 and 2 End of Term

Years 1 & 2

9th July 2020

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EYFS End of Term


9th July 2020

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