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Year 4 return to the Stone Age

Since our return to school, the children of Year 4 have engaged in a range of learning opportunities: inspiring them to explore, question and develop their skills and knowledge.

The children particularly enjoyed our Stone Age day. We began by exploring the ‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’, where we discovered cave paintings and began to consider the relevance and importance of these images. After this, we began to find out more about early humans. One important fact we learnt worth mentioning is the Stone Age began around 3 million years ago in Africa, where the earliest evidence of human existence was found.

Later on in the afternoon, we took on the role of Stone Age hunters. We walked to the ‘hunting fields’ and were set a task of finding the typical animals early humans would eat. On our return to school, we became gatherers and foraged for berries and fruits.

Then, we thought back to the Cave of Forgotten Dreams that we had visited in the morning. We learnt that it is also known as the Chauvet Cave, located in Southern France and contains the oldest cave paintings yet discovered (around 32,000 years ago!). We also discovered that cave paintings could bring success when hunting, or may have acted as a call for help from a spirit world people believed in.

Finally, we used the berries we had foraged to create our very own, wonderful cave paintings.

All in all, it made for a fun, creative day with the children fully engaged in their learning.

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