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Year 4 Overcome Personal Challenges

As we come to the end of the academic year, Year 4 have been reflecting on all of the things they have achieved.

At Brabyns, we think that it is also important to highlight when we have overcome a particular challenge and discuss the feelings that we have when something is more difficult. This is often when we refer to the ‘Learning Pit’.

Year 4 have been discussing their amazing hard work and determination that has helped them to achieve their goals. All of which is nurtured by the friendly, approachable manner that is instilled within all of the staff and children at Brabyns. Here are some of the children's reflections:

“Times tables were really hard for me when I started Year 4 but when I practised and practised, they finally started to get easier” – MH

“At the start of the year, I gave up on lots of things in Maths and now I will give them a go to challenge myself and I can do them!” – ESa

“I found converting km and m really hard recently. I practised them both in school and asked for work to take home so that I could get the hang of it and I did it” – LJ

“I struggled to listen and concentrate when there were other people discussing their work around me. I still find this a bit difficult but I am feeling much more focused now” – ESt

“I wasn’t very confident on my first day at Brabyns. I now feel really settled with all of my friends” – CB

“At the start of the year, I often found myself worrying about things. Now, I feel more confident because I know my classroom and my friends and teachers have helped me on the way” – GMM

“I wasn’t very sure on my times tables when I started Year 4. I have worked hard and enjoyed playing our class times tables challenge and now I feel like I am getting there!” – TD

“At the start of Year 4, I found it difficult to read and I didn’t really enjoy it. Now I have my new glasses, I have found some books that I have really enjoyed and love to read” – IS

“I used to get my fractions muddled up and mix up the numerator and denominator. My teachers have helped me to understand fractions and now I get them the right way around and can even use fractions for lots of things” - KB

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