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Year 4 Explore the World

Children in Year 4 have been inspired by the travels of Phileas Fogg in our recent book study of ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ from the work of Jules Verne. Phileas Fogg himself wrote to us asking for help to travel around the world. Year 4 helped in the only way they saw fit to support Phileas Fogg achieve his travels around the world; they became travel agents!

As a class, we explored various travel guides in order to help us understand what we were trying to achieve. Then, with a little research on our chosen countries, we created our very own. Although non-fiction writing can be tricky, we achieved some fantastic outcomes.

Here are some extracts from the first page of our travel brochures:

Would you like to go to South Africa and see one of the most wonderful sunsets over the Sahara? Perhaps you would like to experience the taste of the 11 languages spoken by the country whilst also learning a few of your own words. Hold back your smiles of excitement when I tell you there are amazing wedding venues. GMM

Getting bored of your standard poolside holiday? Would you like to travel the home of 43.9 million people? If yes, take one of our fast, luxury jets to Argentina, the home to things like glaciers and mountains to tropical lakes and rainforests. How would you like to experience the culture of 5 languages whilst seeing capybaras and llamas roam the mountains and lakes? Perhaps you could watch slim, sleek alligators prey in the Ibera wetlands. If Argentina is your dream country, start your trip with the turn of a page… LF

Would you like to admire the famous Mount Everest? If your answer is yes, visit Nepal to spend your days in the cool summer breeze. Perhaps you would like to have a picnic in its biggest park, Shey-Phoksundo. How about watching the golden, amber sunset over Lake Tilichau. All your hopes and dreams could start with the turn of this page. MK

Jump out of bed and come to visit the biggest park in New York. It is called Central Park and it is famous for many reasons. It’s a nice place to go for a family vacation (or a vacancy for you young folk). You can make friends and visit some of the 5 star hotels too! Go to the Statue of Liberty or visit one of the many cities in New York. Did you know New York state has 62 cities for you to visit? You must want to go, it’s great! MHG

Are you sick and tired of sitting on the phone and going on games, Snapchat and tic tac toe? I think you might be. Spend some time with your children and not helping them with homework but doing something fun! Would you like to go jet skiing on a beautiful island or even snorkelling? Well if your answer is yes, visit the Bahamas now! MH

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