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Year 4 are "Publishers"

Year 4 have been using the story ‘Escape from Pompeii’ by Christina Balit to inspire our own mystery stories. Our first step to achieving this involved undertaking many drama activities so that we can understand the plot and empathise with the characters, Tranio and Livia.

Now that we understand Christina Balit’s version, we are now ready for step two. Step two involved creating a successful plan of our own versions of the story. To achieve this, we used the story to help us structure our own ideas such as the introduction, the build up, the dilemma, the resolution and the ending.

It is now time for step three! We are now well equipped to be successful in our own stories. Here are some short extracts of our stories.

“It was a casual, sunny morning in Pompeii. Tranio was just getting up and looked out of the window. His sister, Livia, still hadn’t woke up yet though. Tranio was thinking whether it was fun to be a shop keeper so he went downstairs and ran to the nearest shop but there was nobody there” – WF

“On a bright day in magnificent Pompeii lives two girls each thirteen and they were sisters. They were called Lauren and Phoebe. They loved singing, dancing and acting and more than anything chatting! They hold the world record for chatting for a whole week without stopping. It is amazing and awesome.” – LD

“When they finally woke up, they were drifting further and further and further away from the beautiful Pompeii. Then before their very eyes Pompeii’s great protector Mount Vesuvius erupted” - EF

In order to achieve successful stories, we had to complete step four. Step four consisted of us going back through our stories and making sure it was our best work. Therefore, we edited our work by ensuring that our work was correct and improving any areas. A fantastic example of somebody who achieved this was MG who a simple sentence. Here is what she did…

“There was a rumble under their feet” became “Suddenly, there was a giant rumble under their feet and David and Mark had to run as fast as they could to escape.”

Great achievements Year 4!

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