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Year 3’s Fantastic Start in the Juniors

Year 3 have made a fantastic start to life in the Juniors. They have worked hard and have achieved lots in their first two weeks and can be very proud of themselves. Here are some of the things they have achieved:

ESa: “I have learnt my 3 and 4 times tables.”
MK: “I have learnt about what happened in Pompeii.”
GMM: “I have learnt my 4 times table and learnt all about the Romans.”
LR: “I have learnt all about the Romans.”
LJ: “I improved my score in my Friday spelling test.”
MG: “I caught the ball better in PE.”
LF: “I got 10/10 in all 3 maths tests we have done.”
ESt: “I learnt my 3 times table.”
KB: “I have written a good description in English.”
IS: “I have settled in really well and learn lots of new facts.”
LF: “A good description of the volcano erupting.”
TD: “Good teamwork.”

The dictionary definition of achieve is to successfully bring about or reach (a desired objective or result) by effort, skill, or courage’.

We have been talking a lot in class about having a growth mindset and the importance of having the courage to ‘have a go’ and to enter the ‘learning pit’.

In their book ‘Teaching Backwards’ (a book all Teaching Staff read as their ‘holiday homework’!) Griffith and Burns suggest that ‘choosing the right metaphor for learning can help learners to appreciate that learning involves struggle and effort’.

James Nottingham uses the metaphor of a learning pit which you may have seen on several displays around school. We are encouraging children not to panic if they ‘don’t get it’ straight away to keep persevering as they will get there in the end!

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