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Year 3 Set their New Year Goals

During our transition from the infants to the Juniors, Year 3 were given 10 things they were to achieve over the summer holidays in order to have a successful and independent start in the Juniors. The aim of this was to develop independence which is a vital skill to possess in the Year 3 and beyond. These were:

  1. Learn to tie your own shoelaces.

  2. Practise drawing a straight line with a ruler.

  3. Know the times that I go for break and lunch.

  4. Learn to cook a healthy recipe to share with my class.

  5. Visit and choose a book from a library.

  6. Learn to fold my clothes neatly.

  7. Learn to pack my school bag.

  8. Send a postcard from somewhere I have visited to my new class teacher.

  9. Organise my swimming kit and know the days that I will need it.

  10. Write my name on all of the labels on my school belongings.

Year 3 have then reflected on their achievements and, as a result, have had a fantastic start to the academic year. Now that the children are settled in their new class and beginning to adjust to the routines of the Juniors, we have begun to highlight some of the things that we would like to achieve by the end of Year 3. However, we have discussed that sometimes learning may be difficult, and in order to achieve and move forward with our learning, we need to be resilient and take the leap out of our comfort zone and into our learning pit. Take a look at some of the children’s goals to achieve in Year 3!

“I would love to get my pen license and be a free reader. I want to WOW everybody with my reading.” - MH

“I would like to work on and get better at my times tables so that I can answer questions quicker in Maths.” - SkB

“I would like to win a trophy with the help of my friends.” - SuB

“I want to get my multiplication badge but I know that I have to take a step at a time and work towards my master in the class times table olympics.” - RR

“I really really really want my tree house badge.” - AC

“I love science and would like to learn more about it.” - SG

“I would like to get to master so that I can get my times table badge but I would be happy if I managed to get to at least silver on the class times table olympics challenge.” - BB

“I would love to achieve my playground badge.” - NA

“I am already trying to get my times table badge and I would like to have achieved this by the end of Year 3.” - FR

“I would like to move closer to my times table master badge.” - KC

“I want to have my times table badge!” - NS

“I would be really happy if I got to silver on the times table olympics in my class.” - TP

“I am aiming to achieve as many badges as I can! I would like my pen badge and times table badge by the end of Year 3.” - HJ

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