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Year 3 Debate Home Learning v School

As a class, we have been discussing our favourite things about being back at Brabyns. As part of this, we had a debate about learning in school versus learning from a computer and our ideas were interesting. We decided that we much prefer the opportunity to be in school with our friends and teachers any day over working from our chromebook. Take a look at some of the things that the children had to say about their best moments about being back at school.

“My first favourite thing is playing with my friends. My next favourite thing is being back in all of my lessons which is very very nice” - SA

“I really like Mrs Bailey who keeps calling me Sleeping Beauty because I always used to fall asleep on the counter with her when I was in Nursery so it is really nice to hear that again. I have really loved playing with my best friends again” - FH

“I’ve enjoyed coming back to school because when I was on the computer, the internet was really bad. Coming back to school in person I have enjoyed because it is face to face with people” - IC

“I really liked Brabyns when I started here and I have enjoyed being back and creating things in Art to share with my family” - MBam

“I have liked coming back to Mrs Bailey’s food, Maths and English as well as Art. I have liked doing all of the sports, especially football” - HM

“I’ve enjoyed coming back to my friends and I have REALLY enjoyed Mrs Bailey’s cooking. I have really enjoyed Maths, English and PE” - ABam

“I like playing with all of my friends. During lockdown, everyone was on screens and it has been so nice to have everybody back together” - ABut

“I have enjoyed playing outside and playing tennis at the tennis court ” - HT

“The best thing about being back at school is playing with my friends, especially fuzzing JB’s hair. I have also enjoyed playing lots of sports like tennis, squash and cross country” - MBat

“I have loved playing with my friends in the BFG and also tig on the playground” - EG

“I have enjoyed not being trapped inside and not having to be on a chromebook. It has been great to get active again by playing squash, running around and not have to stay indoors” - ET

“I have liked playing outside with my friends and playing tennis as well as English and PE” - TC

“I have enjoyed playing outside in the BFG with my friends. Also, I have enjoyed having a swimming lesson. It was nice being in a pool after so long” - JB

Take a look at some of our photos for a further insight into our return to school.

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