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Year 3 and 4 End of Term

Year 3

After returning to school, it felt important that the children had the opportunity to socialise with their friends as this was the main factor they were missing during the time of their online learning.

Since being back, Year 3 have had the most amazing three weeks in school. We have done an incredible amount of outdoor learning from maths treasure hunts to drawing clocks with chalk to writing setting descriptions. Not only this but we have had LOTS of fun outside when working as a team too. We have worked together to carry water, in jugs, on our heads and even between our legs!

Year 3 have also created memories that will last forever. We know that this whole experience is an event that will go down in history and how exciting is it to be a part of it? Therefore, we have created a time capsule and some handprint art as a keepsake.

It has been absolutely amazing to welcome nearly all of the children back into school and some very important memories have been made.

Year 4

525,600 Minutes!

The Year 4 children have been learning the song ‘Seasons of Love’ in readiness for our Virtual Celebration night on Thursday 9th July. The song was carefully chosen because of its beautifully written lyrics that allow both those who sing along, or listen, to pause, reflect and appreciate the important aspects of life.

If you haven’t already guessed, 525,600 minutes represents the amount of time in a year. When we looked further into the meaning of the song, we discovered that it attempts to raise an important question: what do we do with the time that we have? And so, whilst learning this song, the children took the time to think about how they have spent their time in Year 4.

The children began by discussing their efforts and hard work to improve their skills in all subjects, especially English and Maths. However our conversation quickly began to address our time spent in lockdown and learning online. They noted how this had brought them to realise the value of time and taught them about the preciousness of life.

When asked what this meant to them, they stated how important it was to spend time with those who you love and make you happy. This extended from looking after friends on the playground to giving Grandma an extra call this week to ‘check in’ and telling her about the best part of the day.

By the end of this discussion, we concluded that we can work hard, we can be motivated, we can strive for success, but it is love and support that binds it all together to really help us really achieve.

Live your life in love.

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