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Hindu Temple Visit

Year 3 and 4 have been learning about the Hindu home and Mandir in their Religious Education work this term. To support the work they have been doing in class; the children visited the Gita Bhavan Temple in Withington. The children listened to a talk by an Elder at the Hindu Temple about worship in his home and looked around the Temple. He showed the children the main altar in the temple and explained what the different things in the temple represent. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children, who learnt a great deal about the Hindu faith through this first hand experience. Year 3 wrote a poem on their return to School to describe their experience:

Happy at the Temple, having a wonderful time.

I saw incredible Gods including Ganesha.

Nobody went into the temple with their shoes on.

Delightful Day.

Unbelievable, epic, cool, surprising, colourful … amazing.

Click here to see some more photos from their visit.

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