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Welcome back to Brabyns

On Monday 9 December, we welcomed four previous Brabyns children who moved onto their Senior Schools in 2018 and 2019 who wanted to come back to Brabyns to help out in classes. We took the opportunity to ask them how they are getting on, reflect on their time at Brabyns and any advice they have.

What is you best memory of your time at Brabyns?

A: All the amazing and fun trips and sport.
B: All the activities we did on the school trips.
S: The ski trips.
N: Llandudno residential.

What has helped you from Brabyns that has helped you in Senior School?

A: All the help from the mock exams because they helped me get used to the exams in Marple Hall.
B: All the amazing teachers.
S: The hard work in Year 6 and the mock exams as we are constantly doing different tests.
N: The teachers who helped support me.

What’s different at your Senior School?

A: There's lessons all over the school, though I actually haven't got lost much!
B: Size of school, it is massive and takes a lot longer to get to lessons.
S: The community, the people at Brabyns are so much more friendly and chatty.
N: It is a LOT bigger.

What is different or new at Brabyns?

A: All the new TVs, the new children and staff.
B: The challenge posters in the lunch hall - good idea!
S: All the new computers, they’re great.
N: Reception’s Garden area has changed.

What would you like to say to the current children?

A: Brabyns is so much fun, make the most of it, especially playtimes.
B: Enjoy your time as it’s more fun than senior school.
S: Listen to what the teachers say, they do know what they are doing and it can help you in the day-to-day life at Barbyns and beyond. Enjoy all the trips and activities they are great. You don’t get s many at Senior School. Go on the ski trip if you can, it is amazing!
N: Always try your hardest!

Thank you so much to our past children for coming back and sharing their experiences!

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