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Brabyns has always had a very strong extra-curricular programme and we have all really missed the wide variety of clubs that we normally offer. It has been a delight to welcome back two clubs in recent weeks.

Debating Club has stimulated conversation and thought, as well as allowing children from Year 5 and 6 to work collaboratively together from home to produce a presentation (it really is amazing to see them working on the same document at the same time!). We are very proud of their maturity in delivering their points and listening to others. This can be especially challenging when they are putting across a point of view that they may not personally support themselves.

Below are a few quotes from this week’s topic - ‘Should under 10 year olds be allowed a mobile phone?’

“Children under 10 shouldn’t be allowed mobile phones because apps tend to be seriously addictive in nature and children tend to do less activities because of phone usage.”

“Children should be allowed a phone under the age of 10 because it could be used to call adults when they are in danger.”

“Depending on what phone the child gets, the price can range from £300 - £1,200 which is quite expensive for a child who may break or damage it.”

“It’s a good reason to have a phone as it makes a child feel independent and also there are apps parents can install to make sure their children are safe.”

Sausage Dog Club

Who wouldn't like a sausage dog?! Well, in our Craft Club the children have been busy making their own stuffed sausage dogs! They have enjoyed having a chat with other club members whilst they have been busy sewing. Added bonus for staff: not having to thread lots of needles!

The sausage dogs are now nearing completion and they will serve as a great memory of Lockdown for the children.

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