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The Brabyns Achievosaurus Dinosaurs

Here is an update regarding our new and exciting initiative that we will shortly be focusing on in each of our classes. From Nursery, up to Year 2 the ‘Achievosaurus’ dinosaurs will help our children to reflect on the ways in which they and their friends learn, helping them to develop the skills in becoming effective, motivated and long-life learners. There are 6 ‘Achievosaurus’ dinosaurs, each linked to an aspect of the revised Characteristics of Effective Learning and new Brabyns’ Learning Values. We are sure you would like to meet them….

‘Achievosaurus’ Dinosaurs:

Links to specific Brabyns’ Learning Value:


Explorosaurus explores everything around her. She is curious!



Selfosaurus likes to be independent and do things themselves.



Tryatops tries her best to reach her goals and never gives up. She is resilient!



Solveasaurus Rex works hard to seek and solve problems

Seeking & Solving Problems


Responsisaurus make good choices and think of others. She is responsible!



Thinkodocus likes to reflect on her work. She is reflective!


We have been involved in designing how each of the ‘Achievosaurus’ are portrayed using posters, certificates and soft toys, each linked to the individual dinosaurs and Brabyns’ learning values. Mrs Munro, our Key Stage 2 Lead and Mr Hall, our Specialist Music teacher, have composed and recorded an accompanying song, which will also support the children’s understanding of the meaning of the ‘Achievosaurus’ dinosaurs.

During the Summer term, we will be spending time introducing our children to the concept of ‘Achievosaurus.’ Having the visual representations (posters & certificates), kinaesthetic toys (individual dinosaurs), alongside the children learning the lyrics to the accompanying song (an auditory experience) will help bring ‘Achievosaurus’ to life. Having the language modelled to them, for example, ‘Beth is being an Explorosaurus, asking questions and finding out more about volcanoes’ will help to further develop the children’s knowledge and understanding.

In September, we will fully launch all the ‘Achievosaurus’ Learning Values throughout the whole School, with the emphasis being placed on one learning value per half term to ensure that the skills are fully embedded.

In the meantime, you could expose your child to the ‘Achievosaurus’ dinosaurs at home to help further develop their skills.

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