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Stockport Grammar Drama Workshop

As part of building on the Performing Arts provision offered at Brabyns, Year 4 and Year 5 were able to take part in a drama workshop at Stockport Grammar School recently. The workshop was promoted to local primary schools and Brabyns were lucky enough to get a place.

The workshop was focussed around the SGS production of Chicago the musical. With some challenging themes featured in this musical it was interesting to see what aspects of the show the children would explore. The workshop was led by two drama teachers, and also two pupils, who acted a short scene and then went on to work with the children.

The session began with the children sitting in a circle, and they then took part in several warm up games. The main overarching theme of Chicago is rivalry, which was explored with the group in a fun game involving a bucket, two sticks, and the race between two children to get to the bucket, grab a stick, and see whoever could tap the other on the leg first! It was a great icebreaker and clearly something the children enjoyed.

One of the drama teachers proceeded to tell everyone the story of Chicago, using freeze frames. This was super as it was a quick and fun way for everyone to listen and engage with the story. The teacher would read a sentence, then the children, in groups of three would have to create a frozen image of that particular event in the scene. There were some brilliant ones! The children also explore thought tracking, which is where, to their freeze frame, each child would say one sentence about what that particular character might be thinking at that very moment.

As the workshop evolved, the children were given a short extract from the play. This was the interrogation of Amos Hart (Roxie’s poor husband!) by a police officer. It was only a short dialogue but enabled the children to work on their acting in pairs and explore the emotions of the scene effectively. With the help of the drama teachers and high school pupils of course!

All the pairs were able to perform their piece on the stage at SGS and a wonderful experience was had by all. It was also beneficial for Brabyns staff to be involved, but also to observe our children, and see how every single one of them was able to come out of their shell fully.

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