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Spring Term, Awe & Wonder

As new life begins to emerge, the latter half of the Spring term is such an exciting time for children in an Early Years setting. Despite the inclement weather, it is a time when we, at Brabyns, begin lots of little projects to help children understand life cycles and growth in the natural world.

This term we are taking part in the national ‘Grow Your Own Potatoes’ challenge. Our seed potatoes have been ‘chitting’ on window sills around the setting and this week we are planting them into bags. We are hoping for a bumper crop in the Summer term and will have to keep a close eye on them, watering the plants and checking for unwanted infestation.

Part of the Reception garden is being transformed into a vegetable garden this month and work has already begun to dig over the area. Very soon, the children will be planting carrot, radish, lettuce and beetroot seeds, tending to their plants and watching them as they grow. It is such a valuable experience for children to see how their food is grown and all the hard work that goes into caring for plants.

In addition to plant growth, the children will be exploring animal life cycles and Reception have taken delivery of their very own cup of baby caterpillars. Within hours we had seen them grow and change and the children have been fascinated with learning about the life cycle of the caterpillar and observing the tiny creatures. We are also eagerly awaiting our own supply of frogspawn into the classroom and hope to have little frogs hopping around in no time.

Very exciting times!

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