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Year 2 Spellings

In Year 2 (as well as other classes through School), we start the week with a weekly spelling test which then gives us a spelling rule to work on through the week in our daily spellings and phonics lessons.

We repeat the test at the end of the week to see if the children can achieve a higher score and therefore demonstrate that they can put the rule into practice.

Last week the children focused on the ‘l’ sound, spelt ‘el’, found in the words: towel, squirrel and camel to name a few. During the week the children engage in a range of activities from word searches, to quizzes on ‘Kahoot’ to enable them to practise the rules and put their spelling knowledge into place.

This kinsethetic approach supports the children’s learning so that they can then continue to use the spelling rules in their work and use them with mastery rather than rote learning of lists of words where a child can memorise words for a test but doesn’t mean that he / she understands the reasoning behind how the words are spelt.

This is what the children thought of Spelling in Year 2:

HMcK – "My score got better on Friday. I felt proud of myself!"

CS – "I love doing spellings. I like learning."

AC – "Phonics is fun, I like playing on Kahoot."

Great work, Year 2!

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