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Reflecting on Progress in Year 4

Here at Brabyns, we like to ensure that children are active participants in their learning and incorporate many opportunities for them to reflect. As we reach the middle of this academic year, Year 4 have spent some time reflecting on their achievements so far. We have seen ourselves at various points of the learning pit this year and have experienced many different emotions. Here are some of the things Year 4 have thought about …

“After joining Year 4, I was really happy when I got onto Camp 1 on the multiplication mountain! I have practiced really hard on my times tables at home and school to get there. Later this year, I would like to get my pen licence. I know that I need to work on joining up my letters to achieve this” – NP

“I am proud of my running this year because in Year 3 I was mostly towards the end in races. Now I usually come in the top few. I have improved on my running by doing extra practice outside of School racing against my dog so that I have a better chance to do well. I would like to improve my spelling by the end of Year 4. I will use the spelling lists given in class so that I can practise more frequently” – SC

“I am so happy that I have reached Camp 1 on multiplication mountain. I already knew most of the times tables but I really struggled to type them in quickly but with hard work I did it! By the end of Year 4, I would like to reach summit” – LD

“This year my biggest achievement was receiving the School’s artist award for my poppy poster. This made me feel really happy! Later this year, I would like to complete some more of my 101 so that I can get my silver badge. I already have my bronze so this would be really nice” – SB

“I have joined Brabyns this year and I have made lots of new friends. Everybody has been so kind. By the end of Year 4, I would like to have my picture of Multiplication Mountain. To do this, I know I need lots of practice with my times tables.” – DB

“I finally got my bronze badge on my 101 which I am really proud of. I made sure I did some of the things on there like 20 skips without stopping so I could get it. By the end of Year 4 I would like my silver badge.” – LP

“I have managed to do my times tables more quickly on Wish Track. I have done this my practicing more and having more confidence when doing them. By the end of this year I would like to have my pen licence. I think my friends and teachers can help me with this.” – GV

“This year I have got my pen licence and reached the top of Multiplication Mountain. Even though this was hard, I tried my best to achieve this and kept practicing. By the end of the year, I would like to help my football team win the final. I know exactly what I need to do to achieve this.” – CS

“This year I have worked hard to get my pen licence. I have worked hard with my teacher and my parents to make sure that I don’t join my capital letters. When I leave Year 4, I would like to have mastered division. This is something I find difficult but I know I will be able to do it!” – AB

“In Year 4 I have got on to base camp and camp 1 all in one week! My friend, SC, and Miss Norcliffe have helped me get there by keeping me focused and helping me practice. My next goal is to achieve summit.” – EF

“This year I have ticked off my English target to use exclamation marks and question marks correctly in my writing. Having my target bookmark in my book has helped remind me of the goals I have set myself. By the end of the year, I would like to have joined an out of school football team.” – WF

“I got my pen licence! I practiced really hard in my handwriting time and felt relieved when I got it. By the end of Year 4, I would like to make sure that I always use capital letters correctly in my writing.” – MG

“Getting on to Camp 1 and doing well in cross country are two of my biggest achievements this year. Two of my friends have helped me so much this year, especially with my times tables. They have helped me do extra practice on the playground and even supported me in class too.” – MM

“This year I have got better at spelling when writing freely. My teachers have helped me to achieve this through supporting me in and out of lessons. When I enter Year 5, I would like to be able to write in paragraphs.” – GF

“I got on summit! I worked really hard to get here and I felt so happy when I got my certificate. I thought that I needed to improve my story writing to make them more interesting but I have just been told that, actually, my stories are great!” - CCW

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