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Reception Blast Into Space for a Maths Experience

The Reception class at Brabyns is always busy with the children engaging in a mixture of lively, focused sessions and continuous provision to aid their learning. Our favourite counting game at the moment is using the swinging counting ball to get to a given number, speeding up each time.

Children need lots of experiences to embody what maths is all about. For example, the only way to understand the concept of weight is to repeatedly lift, move and carry a mixture of heavy and light objects.

By providing a continually changing environment, our children are exposed to lots of different physical experiences, which enable connections to be made. By exploring different textures, colours, quantities and patterns, children are given the important maths experiences that underpin early maths understanding. They need time to make sense of abstract mathematical concepts as they play, which can then be built on.

Our topic this term is ‘Space’ which provides a relevant context for the children's learning. We are exploring shape by looking at the planets and orbits. We are learning about measure by thinking about the size of planets and the time it takes to get to space; using mathematical language to estimate and compare. The children are using their number knowledge to count aliens, work out the number of spacesuits we will need, and how many dinners they need to take with them. The children perceive this as play and because it is a big part of their learning, it will hopefully prevent the development of negative connotations about maths being a subject to be good or bad at.

See some photos of our maths experience here.

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