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Reception fully engaged as Spring is in the air!

It has been a fantastic few weeks in Reception. Our baby caterpillars are now enormous and about to spin their chrysalis homes for the next few weeks. Every morning, the children come in and the first thing they do is go over to the caterpillars to see how much they have grown. We are very sensitive to their needs at the moment as they start to change and the children have been very thoughtful, not wanting to make too much noise around them.

We really enjoyed a visit from the Nursery children last week who came to see our caterpillars. The children were so articulate, explaining everything they had learnt about how the caterpillars live and change and how we will look after them when they become chrysalides and butterflies. Some children even drew pictures on the board explaining how butterflies feed from the nectar in flowers.

Our potato plants have also sprouted over the last week and it was thrilling to see the stalks so tall on Monday morning. It was, however, slightly confusing that we then had to cover them up with more compost! The children have been learning about the different parts of the flowering plant and labelling diagrams as well as learning about what plants need in order to grow.We have planted one seed potato in a transparent plastic bottle so that the children can see the root systems as they develop. They have been fascinated by watching these grow across the weeks and it will be amazing to see small potatoes forming under the soil soon.

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