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Children Turn Scientists for Science Week

Last week, Brabyns joined the British Science Week celebrations with a focus on science in school.

All children are naturally curious, which makes science an ideal subject for them to learn. Science allows children to explore their world and discover new things. It is an active subject, containing activities such as hands-on experiments. This makes science well-suited to active younger children. Science is an important part of the foundation for education for all children.

Science Week helps to in bed the skills necessary to carry out whole experiments, giving the time to plan, predict, carry out, observe and record results and write conclusions. It also allows the children to discuss their findings and ask more questions about the world around us.

Throughout Science Week, each year group studied one or more famous Scientists and carried out some of their famous experiments throughout the week. In addition, two of the year groups, Nursery and Year 4, were very lucky to have a visit from real-life Scientists. Nursery had a visit from a real life hospital Scientist whilst Year 4 welcomed a Pharmacy student from the University of Manchester.

Reception investigated the water cycle (Bernard Palissy) and paleontologist (Mary Anning). Year 1 studied David Bellamy and how to look after plants. Year 2 discovered the world of antibiotics and medicines (Alexander Fleming) and George's Marvellous Medicine.

Meanwhile, Year 3 explored Archimedes principle and the lava lamp (Edward Craven Walker). Year 5 and 6 investigated forces and light prism work (Isaac Newton) and electricity and the light bulb (Benjamin Franklin, Peter Collinson, Thomas Dalibard and Thomas Edison).

During the week, the children learnt a lot about different Scientists, experienced different scientific investigative skills and enjoyed the hands-on experiments. They shared their achievements with the rest of the school in the Science Week Assembly at the end of an exciting week of amazing experiments.

As a result of Science Week, some of the children have mentioned that they been inspired to become Scientists when they grow up! Science Week at Brabyns well and truly highlighted that Science is an incredible subject and its importance in the world.

See some photos of Science Week in the photo gallery.

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