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In Year 5 we start to think about supporting our children to be ready for the next stage of their educational journey. When we design our activities we think carefully about creating opportunities for the children to develop:

Research shows that when the transition to Year 7 does not go well, it can later manifest itself in lower grades, poor attendance, increased anxiety and disruptive behaviour. At Brabyns we pride ourselves on our track record of developing confident individuals who are ready to ‘hit the ground running’ in Year 7 and beyond.

The Year 5 children develop many of the skills they need through being ‘buddies’ with the Reception children. Under normal circumstances they spend a good deal of physical time together, helping them to read, play, create etc. However, this year has presented more of a challenge. We have managed, through the power of technology to interact with our buddies by other means.

One of the most exciting ways in which we help the children to develop their life skills is through our biennial trip to PGL, Caythorpe. It never fails to amaze us when we see the children we know so well in a completely different environment. From staying away from parents, to taking on vertical challenges, facing fears and learning to share a bedroom with friends, a trip to Caythorpe always helps children to ‘notch up’ their confidence levels and understand that sometimes the greatest rewards come from the hardest of challenges.

Year 5 are already a superb team, who look after one another and know when to step in to help a friend. We are looking forward to seeing them develop this even further. Roll on May 17th!

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