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Our trip to Lockerbrook

Residential school trips create memories of a lifetime and that is certainly what we did on our 2021 trip to Lockerbrook Farm with Year 3 and 4.

This kind of experience for children encourages and nurtures the development of a wide range of core life skills that can be channeled in all aspects of education. From problem solving to stretching ourselves outside of our comfort zone, taking children out of the classroom to complete outdoor and adventure activities helps education to become a more real and tangible experience.

During our time at Lockerbrook Farm, Year 3 & 4 were busy from the very first minute they arrived. They were straight to the task of making up their beds. This was certainly a funny experience watching lots of little people stuck inside their duvet covers! After that, we had a delicious lunch before heading out to our rock hopping and weaselling activity. This entailed climbing through small gaps in boulders and bending our bodies in ways that allowed this. Whilst Year 3 were a little nervous to start, it soon became a rush to see who could lead their peers through the smallest of gaps.

There were many more activities that challenged the children the next day! They went crate stacking which involved stacking crates as high as possible whilst their peers are holding them up in their harness. This was extremely fun and we had lots of giggling children when the crates would fall. We did manage to save the monkey stuck in the tree eventually!

Rock climbing was great as Year 3 tried their best to reach the top of the climbing wall. As they got two tries at this activity, their aim was to go higher the second time and everybody did it. All of Year 3 were extremely proud of themselves. While Year 4 got the opportunity to abseil off a bridge that goes over the River Wye, an amazing experience to do, even with lots of legs that were wobbling!

Some of the most memorable moments of our trip will come from the campfire games and the enchanted forest. There were many team games that children enjoyed and brought them together as a group. This included blindfolded sensory trails, feeding each other chocolate mousse (that was very messy) and even finding teddy bears!

We;ve already booked for the return next year when Year 3 will benefit from this year’s visit and help next year’s Year 3 class enjoy the amazing experiences it gives the children.

Just remember children, “shhhh, don’t wake Sydney!!”

You can see more videos on Brabyns TV and photos on Facebook.

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