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Nurturing Science

The summer term at Brabyns, very much involves the aspect of nurturing in Science. Throughout the school there are tadpoles, caterpillars, chicks and lots of different types of seedlings growing in the greenhouse and in various other places.

Nursery and Reception have enjoyed observing frogspawn hatching out into tadpoles and are currently looking after them by feeding them with cucumber and boiled lettuce. In addition, the Reception children were fascinated by how hungry their caterpillars were at the start and now they are in a pupa stage, ready to metamorphosize into butterflies. In the Reception classroom, they are also looking after their potatoes which are extremely tall at the moment as they are growing towards the light. Plus there are magic beans growing in the kitchen. In the centre classroom, an extremely large ‘beanstalk’ grew overnight and the children had to write letters to Jack. Wow that was amazing!!

Year 1 and 2 have not only seen their frogspawn hatch into tadpoles they are now looking after some froglets by feeding them bloodworms. They were curious to find out the change in diet from herbivores to carnivores. They also have enjoyed looking after the Brabyns’ chicks making sure they have enough food and water (as they keep on kicking over their water tin!!)

This past year Brabyns has become very green-fingered, as new vegetable beds have been constructed next to the greenhouse in the Forest School Area. Year 2 planted daffodil bulbs and spring onions in the Autumn term and have now harvested a bumper crop of huge spring onions ready for Mrs Bailey to cook something in the kitchen or eat as part of a salad. In addition, Year 2 also planted various types of seeds which have grown into seedlings in the greenhouse. ‘Stay and Play’ Club have spent some of their evenings very kindly nurturing the seeds by watering them carefully.

This week, Year 3 and 4 have planted out the seedlings that Year 2 grew in the Autumn into the beds ready for an Autumn harvest. Hopefully we will have a successful bumper crop of cabbage, carrots, lettuce, radish, beetroot and leeks in the future if we nurture them with care.

Alison McNeeney

Science Specialist.

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