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Making Maths Relevant in Year 5

Across the School we aim to help children identify why they are learning Maths, and how it is an essential tool for life beyond the classroom.  

We can teach the children a range of tools for their mathematical toolkit, but the real skill is knowing which tools to use for any given real-life job.  

One vital skill is reading and interpreting timetables.  In a recent Year 5 lesson, the children were learning about this, but many had little experience of planning journeys on buses or trains.  In an attempt to achieve their target we decided to take a little wander down to the bus stop outside school to see real-life Maths in action. 

We are fortunate with our small staff/child ratios to be able to do this spontaneously.  Another ‘real-life’ aspect of Maths is spotting bargains in supermarkets.  Year 6 have been busy trying to spot interesting offers of late and are busy collecting photos of ‘Brabyns Bogus Bargains.’  Our favourite so far is 500g of chocolate powder costing more than a 1kg packet of exactly the same product!

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