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Introducing Mr. Hall

Mr. Hall joined us at the start of the half-term as our new Performing Arts Specialist and wants to thank everyone for making him feel so welcome.

For this half-term he is working Monday mornings and Wednesdays. Then from January he will be working Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays.

Find out a bit more about him below!

What do you like about being a teacher?

Being a musician, I am passionate about the benefits this type of education can have on young people in their everyday lives. The way it can increase confidence through teamwork and participation, engage children in activities that can make them explore different emotions, and above all how it is a constant reminder that some children are more creative than others, and the arts subjects are there to support them through their academic work. I thoroughly love the surprise of either a seemingly quiet young person, or someone with behavioural or learning difficulties sing a solo, or act out a role emphatically, when my experience of them on every other occasion would not have suggested they would do that.

What job are you currently doing /come from?

I have worked as a music teacher and conductor for ten years, working in ten primary and secondary schools across Bolton, teaching whole class curriculum, singing lessons, piano and organ lessons, and directing the school choirs. I have always had a passion for choral work, and have worked for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra as the Children’s Chorus Conductor for seven years, and the Hallé before that. I have recently brought all my work closer to home in Marple, and have set up a community choir which is based at a local pub, where the forty members come along, get a drink and just sing! The real growth in choirs is in community choirs, and Take Note, as it’s called is popular because it is accessible; the repertoire is all light, it’s all taught by rote, and people of all ages simply come for fun.

What made you want to work at Brabyns?

Whilst I loved my previous job at Bolton Music Service, it involved a lot of travelling around between schools, dipping in and out, and this made it difficult to ever get to know anyone properly, or feel part of a team. Not to mention building something consistent, where you can really see the impact you are having on a young person’s education in terms of progression. I have lived in the Marple area all my life and I am looking forward to the challenge of building on the great work of Mr. Westall to involve and engage even more children in music at Brabyns. When I came for interview I loved the ‘feel’ of the School and everything about it, with all the children given the opportunity to be themselves and they are all special, and that is what makes it so great. I’m sure the staff have something to do with it too!

What are you looking forward to about working at Brabyns?

I’m hoping to further develop the music provision for all the children, and inspire more of them to take up different instruments so that we can build the orchestra. I’m keen to see how the children in Nursery will have developed musically by the time they are in Year 6. Above all I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone with the Brabyns family. I’m excited to be able to learn every single child’s name, and make the arts something every child can do, and extend their feeling of belonging.

What hobbies do you have?

Aside from music, I love to cook, and to bake. I also enjoy arranging music, and on occasion, composing too.

I am also a keen aquarist and like to grow corals and keep a variety saltwater fish, such as clownfish, or for younger people, Nemo’s. My other half Laura has named each and every one of them!

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