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Importance of Specialist Teaching at Brabyns

The recent Kindergarten Workshop provided parents with the opportunity to see how the children greatly benefit from regular specialist teaching sessions, which will continue as they progress through Brabyns Preparatory School.

In the Music session, with Mr Hall, the children were challenged to feel and move to the beat of the music, which is a difficult skill to grasp. Having ownership of their learning allowed the children to make up their own beats through games and by using the keys on the keyboard. There are numerous advantages to having regular Music sessions; it helps to develop the brain, boosts self-confidence, enhances social skills and even improves Communication and Language skills.

Mrs McNeeney’s P.E. session involved the children throwing and catching large balls in the air. For an additional challenge, they were encouraged to complete the same exercise using small balls, in addition to throwing them into given hoops. Having sessions like this, alongside Dance and Gymnastics, not only helps develop the children’s concentration skills, but hand eye coordination, listening and motor skills too.

During Spanish, the children were actively engaged in consolidating what they had previously learnt through singing numerous exciting songs. Exposing the Nursery and Reception children to learning a language at a young age has a direct impact on their academic development; it also helps stimulate curiosity and makes them more receptive to learning in other areas.

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