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Handwriting Takes Off!!

The children of Year 1 can be extremely proud of the effort and progress that they have made to become confident pre cursive and cursive handwriting writers! Learning the art of handwriting is a fundamental part of Key Stage 1 as it supports spelling and being able to read your own work. It is also an expression of the child themselves as they are able to communicate to others via a new medium.

Each child progresses through the learning of handwriting skills at different stages. Some children have not developed their fine motor skills just yet and need extra support to build up the strength of their fingers and arms in order to improve their handwriting. Playing with plasticine, Lego, putty and dough are just one of the many ways in which children can improve their skills. A few children in Year 1 are aiming to achieve their Pen Licence this year. There are 10 key skills that they need to have mastered before they are allowed to write in pen on a regular daily basis in School:

  1. I can hold my pencil/pen with the correct grip.
  2. I can write on the line.
  3. I can write in the space provided.
  4. I can start at the edge of the paper.
  5. I can leave a finger space between my words.
  6. I can join my writing (Brabyns cursive style).
  7. I can make my writing the correct size.
  8. I can make my ascenders and descenders equal.
  9. I can keep my CAPITAL letters separate.
  10. I can do all of the above, most of the time.

As you can see, it is a lot to learn and some of the skills are quite difficult. However, with a lot of practice some of the children in Year 1 have managed to nearly complete the list. This is a huge achievement and they should be very proud of themselves.

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